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Jinduobao Glass-mosaic Co.,Ltd is a Sino-foreign joint venture of China, France and Hong Kong and specializes is manufacture and export of high-grade glass-mosaic. The products are in great demand in Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, etc. The company has got first-class management, excellent qualified technicians and top level of art and technology; and is equipped with a whole set of advanced facilities which leads to the ability of mass production.

At present, the main products are gold glass-mosaic, platinum glass-mosaic, agate glass-mosaic, cloud-like jadeite glass-mosaic and other first-grade glass-mosaic whit all kinds of varieties and complete ranges of specifications. Especially the gold glass-mosaic and platinum glass-mosaic, both of which are developed and manufactured by the company alone, filled in the gasp in this product. The company is the only one in China that is able to manufacture high-grade gold glass-mosaic.


All the products of the company are purely colored and lustrous, elegant and graceful and are also durable and never fading. They are widely used in all kinds of buildings and indoor decoration and have achieved ideal results. They are also used in colorful art patterns and joining of characters and drawings. All of they are of great value of unique art and for collecting.Using the gold glass-mosaic made in the company will offer you a magnificent, luxurious and comfortable world!

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